Newspapers Headlines Published in Khartoum, Sunday, July 16, 2017


New clarifications for the Minister of Information and to appear is before Parliament
American companies reduce the effects of the decision to extend the sanctions

Akhbar Alyoum:

A statement by the Director-General of Police about the reports of abductions cases
Mubarak al-Fadil: Extension of US sanctions is a victory for the Sudanese diplomacy
Albashir heads to the UAE and Saudi Arabia
US companies confirm their desire to invest in oil and gas in the country

Sudan Vision:

American companies reduce the importance of the effects of the extension of sanctions and show their desire to invest in oil
First Vice President renews the commitment of the state to implement the outputs of the National Dialogue
US official: Washington does not draw back from lifting sanctions
Reducing relief will further malnutrition in IDP camps in Darfur

Akhir Lahza:

Police warn of rumors and deny kidnappings of citizens
Hamdi: The Central Bank puts the country into a state of chronic hardship
Unionist leaders threaten to resign
Albashir to the UAE tomorrow

Almegher Alsyasy:

Albashir to travel to the UAE tomorrow and visit Saudi Arabia on Tuesday
Parliament postpones the appearance of the Minister of Information on his statements in Cairo to today
Minister of State for investment: We were expecting all options before the US decision
An US research center calls on the Trump administration to remove Sudan from the list of terrorism

Alrai Alaam:

The president visits Saudi Arabia on Tuesday as part of a tour he to start tomorrow by the UAE
Police: What promotes about abductions and trafficking in human organs are lies and deceptions
The Minister of Information appears in front of Parliament today on his remarks on Al Jazeera
Governor of the Central Bank: The situation is very reassuring


Ahmed Bilal: It is my right to say my personal opinion and Popular Congress Party ignited the situation about my remarks
Hamdi proposes a $ 100 billion deal to speed up lifting sanctions

Interior Minister visits the family of Adeeba
Hamdi: Wrong government policies suffocated the economy


Police reveal the secret of the enforced disappearances in Khartoum
An important American report on Sudan
The government summons the director of Al Jazeera’s office in Khartoum


Egyptian authorities impose a new tariff for water in Halayeb
The Police deny warnings of kidnapping and continued disappearance Adeeba
Ministry of Information: The government’s position in the Gulf crisis has not changed
Cameron Hudson: The Sudanese do not trust us and we do not trust them