National Assembly Supports Decision of Freezing Work of Committee for Dialogue with US

The National Assembly has issued, Thursday, a statement affirming its support to the decision of the President of the Republic for freezing work of the government dialogue committee with the government of the United States of America.
The statement indicated that the Sudan will remain faithful to its international commitments, noting that the National Assembly will work in the coming stages with all the world’s counterparts to explain its position and to confer the facts.
The National Assembly’s statements pointed to the role has been played in support of the president’s efforts in context of its cooperation with leaderships of the sisterly and friendly states to evaluate the Sudan’s issue with the US administration, and which had been of great support to the meetings of the joint committee formed by the two governments to implement the five tracks road map.
The statement went on to say that the US administration has acknowledged that the Sudan has proved it is keenness on the safety of its citizens and their security, it is against terrorism and is exerting efforts to combat it. Despite this the American administration does not fulfill what it promised and issued this unjust decision.
The statement indicated that the National Assembly, as the legitimate guardian of the rights and gains of the Sudanese people, expresses regret over the decision issued by US President Donald Trump, under which the partial lifting of unilateral sanctions imposed on the Sudanese nation was extended indefinitely for three months until the 12 th of October.
The statement has reiterated the National assembly support to the President of the Republic to freeze work of the government committee for dialogue with the US administration, and the commitment of the Sudan to its international obligations despite the injustice American decisions against the people of the Sudan.
The statement has provided thanks to the parliament of the sisterly and friendly states, the regional and international parliaments that have been supporting Sudan in all forums.