Newspapers Headlines Published in Khartoum, Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Akhbar Aluom:

Albashir meets with the Qatari envoy in Khartoum
Almahdi: I did not propose Gentleman initiation to Albashir initiative
Chinese peacekeeping helicopters arrive in Sudan. The unit consists of four multinational helicopters
The kidnapped merchant returns after his escape from his captors: Nyala citizens demand the government to strike with iron hand against lawbreakers


New information reveals continued financial irregularities in South Darfur
Electricity: Rising demand requires rationalization of using appliances
Albashir returns to the country after participating in the IGAD summit

Akhir Lahza:

Seizure of 40 properties and thousands of dollars in a money laundering case
The arrest of a charlatan trapping women in Umbada
Legislative Council of Gezira cancels a decision to close 200 schools
Albashir returns to the country after participating in the IGAD summit

Akhbar Alyoum:

The FIFA delegation is investigating the existence of two football associations at the same time
The Blue Nile Council rejects the decisions of the Nuba Mountains Liberation Council
Parliament: The state takes care of the constitutional treatment and the citizen cannot find the price of medicine
Albashir: Juba harboring movements threatens security and stability

Alrai Alaam:

FIFA recognizes that the government does not interfere and directs new elections
Closure of diarrhea isolation centers in White Nile State
The ministry calls on citizens to rationalize the use of electricity


Albashir: We are seeking a solution to the Gulf crisis as soon as possible
Qatari Ambassador: Sudan’s positions are honorable and no biding on them
The trial of a university professor on charges of espionage begins


18 Sudanese drown in the Mediterranean on their way to Europe
Sultan was killed and 13 others injured in clashes at a camp for S. Sudanese in Khartoum


US Chargé d’Affaires: We will continue to support rights and freedoms in Sudan by all means
Demonstrators in Halfa storming the National Congress House


Expectations of a new attack by movements on Darfur
Electricity calls on citizens to rationalize power consumption
Justice: No punishment for suspected wealth and disengaging oneself from illegal wealth