Newspapers Headlines Published in Khartoum, Monday, June 13, 2017

Akhbar Alyoum:

Prime Minister: Improved economy depends on lifting subsidies on goods
The conclusion of IGAD summit in Addis Ababa on the situation in S Sudan
The President of the Republic calls for compliance with the agreements signed with the Government of S. Sudan
African expert: Sudan has shown exceptional skill in defeating the rebels


Commission of Inquiry with the President of the South Darfur Legislative Council
UN Security Council changes UNAMID’s mandate and adjusts its structure
Bakri: Sports newspapers propagate untrue news
Albashir informs African leaders about Juba’s support for Darfur movements


Mehdi Ibrahim is excluded from the parliament
Aggar forms an SPLM anti to SPLM-N
Ministry of Justice complains Saberat for accusing them of forgery

Sudan Vision:

Albashir participates in IGAD meetings in Addis Ababa
Prime Minister: Consultations to appoint a commissioner to fight corruption
Assistant to the President of the Republic: Sudan against escalation and stands with the peaceful solution to the Gulf crisis
Health: Reduced cases of diarrhea in all states

Akhir Lahza:

Bakri: The government does not trade in the market and works on the policy of liberalization
A senior Qatari official visits Khartoum today
Albashir arrives in Addis and IGAD summit starts
Sudanese-Chinese talks in Khartoum

Almegher Alsyasy:

The FIFA delegation led by Nigerian Veron arrives in Khartoum and meets the minister today
Popular Congress Party proposes to Qatar an initiation to solve the Gulf crisis
The Prime Minister vows to hasten the formation of the Anti-Corruption Commission
Sadiq al-Mahdi: We have to conclude a Sunni-Shiite agreement

Alrai Alaam:

The President to IGAD summit: S. Sudan supports Darfur movements
Serious developments within SPLM-N and Aggar dismisses the official spokesman and leaders abroad
NCP: Sudan against escalation and peaceful solution to the Gulf crisis
The FIFA delegation starts its meetings in Khartoum on the crisis of the football federation


Prime Minister: We settle all issues and we will outspread freedoms
Qatari Ambassador: Sudan’s position is sensitive
A tripartite meeting in Oslo to discuss the lifting of US sanctions on Sudan
IGAD Summit calls on the warring parties in S. Sudan to commit to cease fire


IGAD calls on Juba to investigate allegations of support for Darfur rebels
Qatar: We appreciate Sudan’s role in the Gulf crisis and seek peaceful solution
Aggar dismisses the spokesman of SPLM-N and a number of heads of offices abroad
Bakri: Lifting subsidies on goods helps improve the economy


US Chargé d’affaires: There are still two issues pending before the decision
Prime Minister: consultations to appoint an anti-corruption commissioner
Foreign Ministry Affairs: We have not received contacts from Arab ambassadors on the Gulf crisis
There is no decision to ban Sudanese from entering America


A tripartite meeting between Sudan, America and Norway
Presidential committee to resolves complaints of fees, customs and taxes