IGAD extra-ordinary summit meeting kicks off

The extraordinary summit meeting of the intergovernmental authority for development IGAD to tackle the situation in South Sudan, kicked off here Monday with the participation of President Omar Bashir, along with president Museveni of Uganda and the vice president of south Sudan Taban Deng and Prime minister of Ethiopia Haile Mariam Desalign.
The summit, the 31 extraordinary session, was called for by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Desalign to discuss the security situation in South Sudan, the deteriorating humanitarian and security situation and the resumption of the National Dialogue in South Sudan.
The opening of the summit was addressed by Prime Minister Desalign who welcomed the participants, expressing his hope they would reach a solution to the question of south Sudan calling for the full implementation of the peace agreement signed by the parties concerned in south Sudan and stressed that the reinvigoration of the summit is the sole means to restore stability and revive the economy and instill security in south Sudan.
Prime Minister Desalign has stressed that the national dialogue in south Sudan should be an all-inclusive process that leaves no body out, saying IGAD works in one voice to find solution for the south sudn situation saying it was imperative to resume the ceasefire and observe a cessation of hostilities there by the different parties
The Prime minister has pointed out to the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation there and the lack of improvement in humanitarian situation while at the same time the circle of violence has widened, impeding the implementation of the agreement signed by the parties in the south, urging partners to work in one spirit for the resolution of the conflict in south Sudan.
Participants who addressed the session have outlined the need to fully implement the peace agreement signed by the parries and to engage in the national dialogue while at the same time observing the ceasefire and the cessation of hostilities there, stressing the only guarantee was the IGAD.
South Sudan representative, vice president Taban Deng, said the summit was coming at an appropriate timing, given the rapid developments witnessed by South Sudan.
It is to be noted that the summit saw the participation of President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Vice President Taban Deng of south Sudan, Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desalign of Ethiopia, Mohamed Ali Yusuf, Foreign Minister of Djibouti, Amina Mohamed Foreign Minister of Kenya beside representatives of the UN and AU.

IGAD Extraordinary Summit Concluded in Addis Ababa
The Extraordinary Summit of the Presidents and Heads of State of IGAD Monday evening concluded its sittings in Khartoum, with participation of the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir.
In a statement to SUNA, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Attal-Mannan Bakhit, said that the summit decided organizing a forum immediately to guarantee strict commitment to the peace agreement in South Sudan.
He said that the forum will draw up a clear-cut roadmap that shall be respected by all parties, explaining that this roadmap includes immediate ceasefire and serious dialogue to achieve an inclusive solution for South Sudan crisis.
The minister indicated that the summit has focused on South Sudan crisis as a main issue and touched on the deterioration in this country and its impacts on the neighboring countries.