Akhbar Al-Balad Headlines, Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sihr Albyan:

Kibr invites teachers to double the effort to make up the downtime during the school year
The Attorney General receives reports on recent events from the Chief Prosecutor and the heads of the state committees
The Attorney-General urgently calls for investigations and interrogation into the 22 cases of murder
Union of Doctors of Sudan condemns chasing demonstrators and using tear gas inside the hospital
The state of the Gezira adopts measures to control and rationalize the distribution of petroleum products
The Students Union calls for restraint and wise handling of all issues to prevent bloodshed

Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper:

The Attorney General receives the reports of commissions of inquiry into the events in the capital and the states.
Maulana Omar is briefed on reports of deaths, injuries and the destruction of public and private properties.
Resumption of the study in Khartoum schools today.
Union of Doctors of Sudan declares its refusal to chase protesters inside hospitals.
Gedaref governor: The policy of exclusion and rejection is useless and criterion is the polling stations.

Al-Watan Newspaper:

Prosecutors: 24 people killed in protests
“12” doctors are fired and security measures in hospitals
The resumption of study and the Education calls for the non-involvement of students in politics

Sudan News Agency (SUNA)

Prosecutors: Continued investigations into death reports
The Attorney General receives the reports of the Chief Prosecutors
A program to prevent the effects of drought in North Darfur passed
(62) million pounds for Um Bayadha project in North Darfur
1300 apply for the jobs of the graduate project in North Kordofan

Sudanese Center for Press Services “Smc”

The Council of Ministers directs the establishment of markets within the fields for the direct sale to the citizens
The Ministry of Oil confirms the existence of abundant stocks of petroleum
Ministry of Finance: The government is continuing to address the liquidity crisis
A parliamentary committee puts three paths out of liquidity crisis
Dissidents of SPLM-N: She Salivation is the most qualified government to lead the Sudan

Alshrooq Network

Ali Mahmoud: 3 tracks out of the crisis of cash
Prosecution requests citizens’ cooperation in investigations into the killing of protesters
Saudi Arabia warns against destructive revolutions