Akhbar Al-Balad Headlines, Thursday, January 10, 2019

Sihr Albayan:

President of the Republic: There is no way to power except through the nation and fair elections
Albashir: Sudan will remain stubborn to all arrogant countries that want to tear it down
The President appreciates the role of the National Dialogue forces an parties that have renounced violence and opted for dialogue
The Higher Coordination Committee for National Dialogue Forces and Parties: The crowd exceeded one million and thanked the people of Sudan
Albashir receives a cable of congratulations from the Director General of the Arab Labor Organization
First Vice President is briefed on the stability of the security and political situation in the state of South Darfur
Kibr affirms the state’s interest in the Abyei issue and the continued provision of necessary services to the citizens of the region
The First Lady receives a cable of congratulations from the Chinese First Lady
The Vice President praises the distinguished role of the graduates of the University of Africa
Dr. Faisal and Gaston Sindimwo discuss the course of advanced relations between Sudan and Burundi

Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper:

Albashir calls on young people to unite and prepare to take over the power.
The Saudi ambassador in Cairo denies statements about the situation in Sudan
Higher education denies a decision to resume the study at the universities.
Dr. Nafie: Demonstrators must gather in the same place and with the approval of the government.

Al-Watan Newspaper:

Crowds supporting the president in Khartoum and demonstrations in Omdurman
A Sudanese-Russian agreement to exchange the entry of warships

Sudan News Agency (SUNA)

Albashir: Dialogue is the way out to solve the country’s issues
Foreign Ministry denounces the troika’s statement on the protest
Motaz Musa directs the improvement of health services
The Presidency of the Republic affirms its interest in the issue of Abyei area
Abu-Garda: National Dialogue parties involve in addressing the economic issues
Musa renews his party’s support for the government’s reconciliation programs
Hatim: We are able to overcome the economic challenges
Tabita confirms her party’s commitment to the National Document
There is no alternative to dialogue except dialogue
Parliament approves nominations of members of the Electoral Commission
Governor of Khartoum: We are making efforts to improve people’s livelihood
The DUP calls for national unity
Al-Kabbashi: Dialogue is the way to deal with the problems of the country
Parliament extends its session
Parliament approves nominations of members of the Electoral Commission
Governor of Khartoum: We are making efforts to improve people’s pension
The DUP calls for national unity
A decision for Khartoum to host the Central African parties’ negotiations

Sudanese Center for Press Services “Smc”

Albashir: (5) countries supported Sudan in the recent crisis
Political leaders: The National Dialogue is the only way to address the country’s problems
Sudan and Uganda oversee the training of the national army in South Sudan
The start of the second phase of the inspection campaigns of government and private companies
Sinnar State launches 20 new agricultural projects for investment