President Al-Bashir: Dialogue is the Only Way to Resolve the Country’s Issues

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has reiterated the state commitment to the implementation of the national dialogue outcome which was agreed upon by the people of the Sudan, stressing that dialogue is the only way out of the challenges facing the country .
The President of the Republic has lauded national and political forces which have responded to the call for dialogue.
Addressing Sudan’s Peace Rally, organized  by  the national dialogue forces  at the Green Park in Khartoum, Wednesday, the President of the Republic said that Sudan remained  facing conspiracies  that target the dignity of people of Sudan who are known for their patience and steadfastness, referring  to the endeavors of colonialism forces  to undermine Sudan’s unity and stability.
He said that these forces have managed to impose blockade and to fight Sudan, but their conspiracies have made us more strong.
President Al-Bashir said that some countries have attempted to blackmail  Sudan by wheat and dollars against the sovereignty and dignity of people of Sudan, adding those who think that Sudan will follow suit of the collapsed countries will wait for a long time and will be disappointed .
President Al-Bashirhas  hailed  the Armed Forces, police and security organs for maintaining security and stability in the country, disclosing that the forces dealt with recent protests in professionalism and in civilized way.
He underlined that any attempt to destroy and sabotage the public and private  properties will seriously be confronted.
He stated that those who seek power should resort to the Sudanese people and be ready for the 2020 elections, calling on youths to brace for assuming positions of responsibility in the coming stage.
He hailed patience of people of Sudan and their firm stand alongside the government of national accord, stressing that all the difficulties in living will be surpassed through measures that the government has embarkied on .
President Al-Bashir has expressed appreciation of the sisterly and  friendly countries for supporting  Sudan, including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, China, Russia and Qatar.
He pointed  out that despite the difficulties in living, the Sudanese people have kept their doors open for hosting refugees from other countries .
The President has renewed call on the gun-holders to resort to wisdom and to engage in the national dialogue process.
He said that the national dialogue has discussed all issues of the  homeland and achieved an outcome which is being implemented by the state and in coordination between all forces of the dialogue.