Al-Bashir: Peace and Development March Will Continue

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir  said marc h of peace and development would go  on  without waiting anybody   and renewed call for gun-holders  to join peace process , saying “ Welcome  all who want peace .”
Addressing mass rally at Kass town in South Darfur State Friday , President Al-Bashir pledged  major  projects  in areas of development and health and educational  services.
He stressed the state resolve to generalize  the general education  and that every child will  have  a seat  learn .
The President indicated to the state keenness to provide the  first  healthcare  for people  to ensure safety  of mothers  and  children.
He pointed to importance of provision  of   healthy drinking water  to prevent diseases  and  epidemics amidst  the  people , renewing the State  determination to complete  the firearms  and  unlicensed vehicles collection operations  so as the guns be in hands of the government .
The President of the Republic also inaugurated  the 97km-long Nyala-Kass road  and the  Kass’ Grand Mosque where he performed  the Friday Prayer.