President Al-Bashir: War in Darfur will not be Repeated

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, affirmed that war in Darfur will not be repeated as the enemies of Sudan wanted, because the people have paid the cost of the war and learned the lesson.
At the inauguration of South Darfur TV station in Nyala city, President Al-Bashir said that the people of Darfur have expelled Satan and started a new phase, stressing that Darfur will be better than it was.
He appreciated the efforts of the employees in the information field in the state and outside it in reflecting the bright image of the state and refuting the false claims on the situation in Darfur..
President Al-Bashir had lauded the efforts of the charity man Siddiq Wadaa in supporting the development and services’ projects in the country and hi serious endeavor for achieving reconciliations as well as his mediations for return of gun holders to join the peace process.
During his visit to South Darfur, President Al-Bashir inaugurated AL-Bashir Sports and Cultural City, the headquarters of the Medical Supply, Nyala Electricity Power Station at the capacity of 36 megawatts , the Teachers Trade Union Hotel, the Health Sciences and Technology, Al-Behair Theatre and the Guest Palace buildings.