Akhbar Al-Balad Headlines, Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Sihr Albiyan:

The First Vice President is briefed on the process of collection of unlicensed vehicles in the states of the country
Musa Mohammed Ahmed praises the efforts of the Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic to improve performance and create a working environment
Vice President of the Republic: the school tournament represents a national project for the whole population of Sudan
The Presidency of the Republic confirms its support and sponsorship of the efforts and programs of combating and fighting drugs abuse
Electricity depends on the system of electronic card in the purchase of electricity and all transactions
NCP leadership in the Gezira welcomes the visit of the President of the Republic
General Department of Hajj and Umrah held a press conference today to announce the controls of Umrah
Women’s Union is a member of the African Economic Council
Water Resources intends to generalize the experience of solar pumps for irrigation in all states
Dr. Tabita supports the establishment of early cancer detection centers in the state through Wansi Foundation

Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper:

A NCP leader belies the Israeli announcement of a visit by Netanyahu to Khartoum.
Dr. Faisal: Some parties have taken the electoral law as a pretext to boycott an Albashir’s nomination is approved by the party’s institutions.
Central Bank denies the rumors about setting a limit for balance transfer.
Mutaz Musa directs ministries and the Bank of Sudan to found a matrix for implementation of agreements with Turkey.
Khartoum hosts the conference of neighboring countries of Libya with a regional and international presence.

Al-Watan Newspaper:

A NCP leader sets conditions for establishing a relationship with Israel
A parliamentary committee investigates the torture of Sudanese youth in Libya
Authorities threaten to close bakeries that manipulate the flour quotas

Al-Wifaq Newspaper:

Finance: Matrix for the implementation of agreements with the State of Turkey
Approval of consumer protection law is deferred and accusations by invisible hands to disable it

Sudan News Agency (SUNA)

Motaz addresses the Immigration Coordination Workshop on Tuesday
Bakri is briefed on the collection of unlicensed vehicles
Kibr discusses  frameworks for cooperation and future partnerships for Giad
Spokesman: We are ready to meet the call for dialogue
Adopting the electronic card system in the purchase of electricity
Musa praises the efforts of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic

Sudanese Center for Press Services “Smc”

Renewal of confidence in Sudan, representing Africa in the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Ambassador Khidr: Foreign Minister’s visit has put the relationship with Europe on a correct track
South Sudan: Salva Kiir meetings with leaders of the SPLM-N have yielded positive results
Minister of Interior announces the launch of electronic payments in public transactions in early December
Geneva meetings consider extending the duration of the mine action program in Sudan

Alshrooq Network

The Government is preparing an information plan to keep pace with technological and technical development
Abu Bakr: We recognize the responsibility of reforming the civil service
Mutaz calls for a timetable for the implementation of the agreements with Turkey
The European Union funds teacher training with $ 22 million