Akhbar Al-Balad Headlines, Monday, November 26, 2018

Sihr Albiyan:

Kibr addresses the opening session of the Saudi-Sudanese meeting for the development of Umrah services this morning
The Vice President confirms sponsorship of all projects of the General Union of Medical and Health professions
Dr. Faisal and Musa Mohammed Ahmed discuss developments of the current political situation *
Musa Mohammed Ahmed praises the advanced level of relations with Saudi Arabia
The Prime Minister is briefed on the efforts of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development in achieving Arab food security
Election of Sudan as a member of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Sudanese-Turkish agreement on technical education issues, exchange of experiences and establishment of advanced centers
Military talks between Khartoum and Cairo and an agreement on the establishment of joint mechanisms to control the border between the two countries *

Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper:

The Council of Ministers directs not to increase the price of medicines and to provide foreign currency.
Military talks between Khartoum and Cairo and agreement on the establishment of joint mechanisms to control the border.
Almahdi: Dialogue with the government is possible  and we have conditions to coordinate with the opposition.
The head of the media sector of the NCP comments on the allegations of leaking the minutes of the Johannesburg meeting.
In the Criminal Crimes Court: Former Water Authority Director requests the tes of Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Khider.
After a break of more than 45 years: The Chadian president visits Israel.

Al-Watan Newspaper:

“200” attempt to penetrate the government sites hackers every day
Chadian president visits Israel and announces renewal of relations
Joint forces and patrols to control the Sudanese-Egyptian border
Cabinet: no increase in medicine prices

Sudan News Agency (SUNA)

South of the Gezira completes its preparations for the reception of the President of the Republic
Sudan is elected as a member of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Assistant to the President of the Republic Dr. Faisal and Musa discuss political developments
Musa Mohamed Ahmed discusses bilateral relations between Sudan and Saudi Arabia
Kibar confirms his sponsorship of the projects of the Medical Professions Union
Discussions between the Sudanese and Egyptian defense ministers
National Reform Party decides to run in the 2020 elections
Motaz reviews the efforts of the Arab Development Organization
Agreement on education between Sudan and Turkey
Information Center: (80%) of the crimes originated from abroad
Tijani al-Sisi congratulates the SPLM with the peace agreement

Sudanese Center for Press Services “Smc”

Sudan is preparing to open border crossings with Chad and South Sudan
Sudan has the largest number of troops in the regional protection forces in the S. Sudan
The first meeting of the Joint Defense Council of South Sudan in Khartoum
Imprisonment for a soldier and two citizens for human trafficking charges in Kassala
Authorities recover (220) head of livestock from a group belonging to Abdul Wahid
The Turkish Minister of Agriculture: We plan to start investment in the Sudanese agriculture sector starting in 2019
Alshrooq Network

National unity parties nominate Albashir to the presidency in 2020
Cabinet: No increase or fees on medicines
The NCP calls on the parties to run for elections in a spirit of reconciliation
Khartoum and Cairo agree to form joint forces and border patrols
Ibrahim Siddiq: Leakage of minutes of talks in Johannesburg is a nonsense propaganda