Akhbar Al-Balad Headlines, Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Sihr Albian:

Presidents Albashir and al-Sisi discuss strengthening bilateral relations and implementation of the agreements
President of the Republic: military cooperation with Turkey has the utmost priority
Vice President of the Republic attends the Women’s Sector Conference of the Islamic Movement on next Saturday
Parliament authorizes Prime Minister’s statement on government performance
Sudan welcomes the initiative of Salva Kiir in support of previous references
Dr. Faisal expresses his appreciation for Vietnam’s desire to develop its relations with Sudan
Bakery Federation: No increases in bread prices
Mumtaz: Peace is a strategic goal of the state
Dr. Faisal calls for correcting misconceptions about Sudan externally
In the framework of the arrangements for the Arab Ministers of Justice Conference in Khartoum: Salim meets ambassadors of Arab countries
Talks between the Minister of Defense and his Turkish counterpart
Minister of Agriculture and Livestock in Khartoum state confirms the commitment of his ministry to enforce the winter season plan and provide modern technologies.

Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper:

Central Bank discharges the director of the Bank of Khartoum Fadi Faqih and the Board of Directors surprised by the decision.
Al-Sisi: If Gulf security is endangered, we will move our forces to repel aggression.
Closed session between Bashir and al-Sisi for more than (45) minutes and discussions to strengthen relations between the two countries.
Dr. Faisal visits Vietnam and meet a senior official of the Communist Party of Vietnam.
Saudi authorities arrest two foreigners counterfeiting the fabrics that mimic the cover of the Kaaba.

Al-Watan Newspaper:

Albashir directs military cooperation with Turkey
Albashir and Al-Sisi discuss the implementation of the agreements signed between the two countries
Al-Sisi: We will move against any threat to our brothers in the Gulf
Decision to relief the Director General of Bank of Khartoum

Sudan News Agency (SUNA)

Albashir: There is strong will for Sudanese-Turkish cooperation
Albashir and al-Sisi discuss strengthening relations between the two countries
Dr. Faisal praises the development of cooperation between Sudan and Vietnam
Dr. Faisal calls for correcting the misconceptions of the Sudan externally
Sudan welcomes Silva Kiir initiative in support of the previous reference
The defense minister holds talks with his Turkish counterpart
The Ambassador of Sudan to Austria presents his credentials
Parliament authorizes Sudanese citizenship law to amend 2018
Minister of Finance: Review and reform of foreign investment
Parliament authorizes Prime Minister’s statement on government performance
Minister of Justice meets with ambassadors of Arab countries in Khartoum
Japan praises Sudan’s efforts in South Sudan peace
North Area State completes its preparations for the People’s Defense Day celebrations

Sudanese Center for Press Services “Smc”

Albashir directs comprehensive military cooperation with Turkey
The Government: The Salva Kiir Initiative is not an alternative to the terms of reference of the negotiations but rather a supporter of them
The donor delegation pledges to increase support for southern Sudanese refugees in South Kordofan
President of the White Nile Employers’ Union: The crossings with South Sudan are ready for opening

Alshrooq Network

Albashir and al-Sisi discuss the implementation of the agreements signed between the two countries
NCP: No alliances in the elections of 2020
The Government welcomes the initiative of Salva Kiir and emphasizes that the terms of reference are not exceeded
Parliament warns against introducing new currency categories that increase inflation
Sudanese-Moroccan talks in the field of public prosecution