Akhbar Al-Balad Headlines, Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sihr Albiyan:

President of the Republic participates in the World Youth Forum in Egypt
Sudan accepts Salva Kiir peace mediation in the two regions
Assistant to the President of the Republic Dr. Faisal honors the closing of the National Service Forum
Foreign Affairs  regrets to extend the state of emergency towards Sudan by the US administration
Minister of State in the Interior confirms his support for the campaign against drugs abuse
The Dams Administration reveal the implementation of 12 dams of large capacity in the next year
Al-Bailey: Khartoum, the capital of production Project this year aims to provide 125 thousand earning opportunities

Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper:

Assistant to the President of the Republic reveals details of negotiations with the movement of Alhilu in Johannesburg.
Sudan agrees to the Salva Kiir Initiative for reconciliation between the government and the rebels.
Dr. Faisal: What has been circulated in the media about the claim of Alhilu for right to self-determination is completely incorrect.
At the invitation of al-Sisi: Albashir to Cairo to participate in the World Youth Forum.
A policeman is killed and others are injured in the state of South Darfur.

Al-Watan Newspaper:

The government approves Salva Kiir’s mediation to achieve peace in the two regions
Finance: no direction to remove support and measures to stabilize the price of bread
Khartoum deplores the extension of Washington’s state of emergency and describes it as contradictory

Sudan News Agency (SUNA)

Albashir participates in the World Youth Forum in Egypt
Sudan agrees to Salva Kiir peace mediation in both regions
The Foreign Ministry regrets the extension of the state of emergency towards Sudan
The Interior Ministry is satisfied with the country’s drug abuse control
Call for the return of the intermediate educational stage in the Consumer Forum
The Minister of Transport inspects the alternative railway station
Albili: Providing 125,000 earning opportunities
The Sudanese Historical Society holds the Second Scientific Forum
Discussing the performance of the government in the parliament on Tuesday

Sudanese Center for Press Services “Smc”

Morocco’s Attorney-General visits Khartoum on Monday
Qatar funds the implementation of 10 model villages in Darfur
Customs: Aborted smuggling of more than (37) million euros and (2.9) million dollars
Mubarak al-Fadil calls for expanding dialogue on constitution and election law
Entering (63) companies in the Gedaref Stock Exchange to purchase exported crops

Shrooq Net Network

Albashir briefs Gabon and Angola leaders on Bangui peace
Government formally approves Salva Kiir peace mediation with two regions
Khartoum rejects Washington’s decision to extend national emergency to Sudan
Libya frees a Sudanese activist detained since 2016