Al-Bashir Affirms Concern of Presidency of the Republic With Education

President  of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir  hs emphasized  concern  of Presidency of the Republic  with education with its all stages  for sake of building the nation , congratulating the  outstanding   students of the Sudanese Certificate Examination for this year.
The President , during  meeting with the outstanding  students  of the Sudanese Certificate Examination 2018 in the Republican Palace Thursday  in the presence  of Minister of Presidency of the Republic, Dr Fadul  Abdalla Fadul,  Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research,  Dr Al-Sadiq Al-Hadi  Al-Mahdi, and Minister I of State for Education, Ibrahim Adam Ibrahim ,  hailed families of the students  and teachers across  the country  for distinctive  efforts  and patience.
President Al-Bashir stressed  compulsory  of basic education  and underlined concern with  educational environment and students activities , calling  the   talented students to achieve further successes.
He warned  against  student violence in universities campuses  that vandalizes and destructs  properties of higher education institutions  as well as targeting students,  considering student violence a major crime.
The President  praised  Student Support Fund  for concern and care  it gives  to student’s issues.