Al-Bashir: Sudanese Diplomacy Performance is Satisfactory

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir  expressed full satisfaction  over performance  of Sudanese diplomacy , saying achievement of peace in South Sudan State  was  the greatest accomplishment  made  by Foreign Ministry.
He disclosed that honoring some diplomats  by Presidency of the Republic  came as recognition  and appreciation to  role being played  the Sudanese diplomacy in defending  the Sudan at all regional and international forums.
President Al-Bashir , who was addressing the Foreign Ministry workers  Wednesday,  said that Foreign Minister , Dr Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed has  managed  negotiation file  on  peace  in South Sudan State with skillfulness  that contributed to reaching peace agreement in South Sudan , disclosing that stability in South Sudan means  stability for Sudan and countries of the region.
He added  that  achievement of peace in South Sudan was a step for achieving  comprehensive peace  in Sudan  and that Ambassador  Jamal El-Sheikh  was selected  Special Envoy for peace in South Sudan State  to observe  implementation of the agreement on the ground.
The President said” I have a moral duty towards  people of South Sudan “, commending role being carried out by the Sudanese diplomacy  in enhancing the Sudan’s image.
He  said the decision  on reduction of diplomatic representation which issued recently aimed  to decrease  the   government expenditures  and  that the decision  did not confine  to Foreign Ministry   but included all organs of the state .