Akhbar Al-Balad Headlines, Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Sihr Albiyan:

The President of the Republic awards the Ministry of Justice star of achievement and the representative of the Sudan in Geneva and the Order of the Nile from the first class
President of the Republic promises to complete a number of development and service projects in West Darfur
The leadership office in Khartoum praises the performance of the former governor and approves guidelines for the budget of 2019
The Commissioner of Omdurman honors the outstanding students at Alamal Institute
Federal Health: UNICEF supported the sanitation project by $ 20 million

Al-Watan Newspaper:

Prime Minister: the government is not Super Man
New rules for the purchase and sale of vehicles and real estate
Almahdi: Activists urged me to return and I prepare for the confrontation of the system lockups
Khashoggi’s son: The family supports Saudi official investigations
Union of Banks: Currency traders head to launch rumors

Sudan News Agency (SUNA)

Albashir: We are keen to develop human rights
Albashir reviews the voluntary return in West Darfur
Moataz: The budget of 2019 will boost the earnings of people’s livelihood
Zubayr visits the people of the forefront and families of the martyrs in the Northern Area
Attorney General discusses how to promote justice
Parliament confirms its focus on people’s livelihood issues
The Defense Council supports positive developments in the Horn of Africa
Minister of Finance: We are committed to achieving sustainable solutions for the economy
The Defense Council supports positive developments in the Horn of Africa
Mu’taz: The government depends on the national private sector
Kibr returns home after his participation in the Lakes Summit
The Council of States praises the structure of the federal government
Laws, drafts and decrees submitted to the Parliament

Sudanese Center for Press Services “Smc”

A meeting in New York stress that UNAMID to emerge from new locations in Darfur
Government delegation: The atmosphere is appropriate for the resumption of negotiations in both regions
Albashir affirms Sudan’s keenness to develop human rights
Moataz Mousa: The Government’s Approach is to be present at the event sites in the state.
Union of Banks: The Central Bank allowed the banks to buy and sell foreign exchange according to the prices of the mechanism

Alshrooq Network

Albashir: Human rights is one of the ethics of the people of Sudan
Albashir reviews the voluntary repatriation programs in West Darfur
The Defense and Security Council discusses security developments in the Horn of Africa
Musa: The government has followed a number of measures to stabilize the price of bread
Central Bank targets 3 billion pounds to buy gold
More than 349 million pounds attacks on bank funds