President Al-Bashir Affirms Commitment to Strict Implementation of Restructuring

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has affirmed the keenness to the strict implementation and the wise follow up to all the commitments relating to revision of the power structure at all levels through adherence to the principles of efficiency of the institutional performance, rationalization of the public expenditure and diversity of participation.
In an address he gave Monday at the Republican Palace on dissolution of the national accord government, President Al-Bashir asserted that he will remain obliged to all the commitments he mentioned in address to the Sudanese nation on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, which included the serious commitment of the Presidency to reconsidering the government structures at the federal and state level and at the level of public institutions for realizing economic balance.
He stressed that revision of these organs is indispensable toward achieving the aspired goal and to effect the reduction which is necessitated by the current economic situation.
President Al-Bashir has underscored necessity of integration between the official and societal effort for implementing the adopted economic measures.

President Al-Bashir Affirms Importance of Reduction of Expenditure and Improvement of Performance
President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has affirmed the continuous restructuring of the Executive to guarantee optimum use of resources, in accordance with the principle of reduction of public expenditure which is a pivotal principle in implementation of the national program for realizing economic balance.
In his address Monday at the Republican Palace, President Al-Bashir affirmed that there will be close follow up of the public expenditure and efficiency of the performance.
He pointed out that the state has adopted an integrated program for restructuring the Executive organ at the Presidency and at the external representation for reducing the public expenditure and ensuring good use of the resources.
He announced that the restructuring will extend to include the other components of the Executive and all the ministries, starting with the Council of Ministers and the Federal Government Bureau for achieving both the good performance and the reduction of expenditure, affirming the keenness to achieve the goal of civil service reform