Al-Bashir Underlines State Keenness to Provide Services

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir  has underscored the State resolve  to provide services and establish development projects  in various states of Sudan.
He was briefed  during  meeting with Assistant of the President of the Republic, Musa Mohamed Ahmed  in the Republican Palace  Thursday  on outcome  of Musa visits to East Sudan states  and River Nile State  during the last period especially  in connection with preparation for a agricultural season and  finding solution  to water problem in the Red Sea State.
The Assistant  of the President  said in a press statement that the meeting tackled the plan  on solving problem of water in the red Sea State  which  was funded by a loan of 100 million dollars from  Kuwaiti Fund .
He added the meeting also sought ways for finding radical solution  to issue of  workers of loading and discharging, referring to importance of concerted efforts  during the coming period  to confront the economic challenges  and strengthening cooperation between political forces  to prepare the post -2020 era.
Meanwhile, the Assistant of the President  pointed out that  the meeting  discussed  the positive developments  in South Sudan State  and  agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea that support peace and stability in the region.