Al-Bashir: Free Trade Area is major accomplishment

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir described as major achievement the Free Trade Zone in Djibouti, saying it will   have effect not only on Djibouti bout  on the region as a whole.
President Al-Bashir, addressing the inauguration ceremony of the Free Trade Zone, said the free area would serve interests of all peoples of the region and would link the countries of the region with a rail network to achieve economic integration.
He added that economic effect of the Free Zone, which was incarnation of smart partnership between China and Africa, would embrace the whole region.
President Al-Bashir congratulated President Omer Gaili and people of Djibouti on huge economic development  in Djibouti  that based on vision and a thorough economic planning.
He hoped that African leaders always meet at such large productive projects.