Al-Bashir Attends Inauguration of Free Trade Zone in Djibouti

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir  attended Thursday inauguration ceremony  of  the Free Trade Zone in Djibouti   coinciding  with  convocation of the African-Chinese  Trade Forum.
President of Rwanda and current Chairman of the African Union, Paul Kegame , President of Somalia, Mohamed Abdalla,  Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed and   Commissioner of the African Union Commissioner, Musa Fakki attended  the inauguration ceremony.
The 48km-Free Trade Zone in Djibouti is  the biggest  in Africa   and was established by support from China.
The Free Trade Zone consists of large depots to meet needs of large companies, specialized premises used as offices and large storehouse for stockpiling humanitarian assistance distributed by international organizations.
The Free Zone  avails investors opportunity to make use of  Djibouti’ strategic location  in storage and distribution activities.