Akhbar Al-Balad headlines, Khartoum, Thursday, June 7, 2018

Sihr Albaiyan:

President calls for the national unity
Albashir: Presidential Councils represent specialized task teams
the President calls for strengthening relations with China
Albashir expresses satisfaction with relations with Britain
President receives letter from the Chinese President
Dr. Fadl: The Presidential Councils are an extension of Shura and Democracy
Council of National Unity Parties: Presidential Councils are a Supportive Peace Wing
Cabinet discusses the election law today
Sudan is elected as Vice-President of the United Nations General Assembly
Governor of Khartoum directs the localities to complete the rehabilitation of drainage systems and prepare them for the rainy season
Central Bank issued a new banknote of the category of fifty pounds
Sudan adheres to Security Council resolutions on Korea
Khartoum to host meetings of Arab justice ministers in November

Bayian News:

The delegation of the Popular Congress Party meets with the Prime Minister of Malaysia at the end of their visit to Malaysia
Central Bank issues a new banknote of 50 pounds

Alsahafa Newspaper:

Albashir: We will overcome the economic challenges
Albashir receives a written message from the Chinese president
NCP reveals dialogues with Communist Party and National Umma Party
Sudan announces cancellation of defense agreements with North Korea

Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper:

Mohammed Atta is the ambassador to Sudan in Washington.

Al-Wifaq Newspaper:

Albashir: We are able to overcome the economic challenges
A new vision to change the reality of Sudan Air ways
Avoid points of disagreement about the Labor Law

Al-Watan Newspaper:

Albashir: We will overcome the economic challenges and call on dissidents and insurgents to dialogue
Sudan announces cut off of military ties with North Korea

Sudan News Agency (SUNA)

Albashir calls for strengthening ties with China
Cabinet discusses election law today
Sudan adheres to Security Council resolutions
Gamaa witnesses the release of 53 inmates in Kassala
Secretary-General of the popular Congress party returns to the country

Sudanese Center for Press Services “Smc”

Chinese president calls on Albashir to visit Beijing next September
Sudan cancels contracts signed with North Korea
Bashir renews call for dissidents and gunmen to join the National Dialogue
Election of Sudan as Vice-President of the General Assembly of the United Nations
Government: African mechanism has not set any time to negotiate so far
NCP reveals bilateral dialogues with the Communist Party and National Umma Party
National Council to listen to the Minister of Finance on the contract of the Khartoum Airport
FAO agrees to support the needs of returnees in Darfur
Minister of Finance: First meeting of the Macroeconomic Council
Sudan begins receiving requests for international oil investments