Akhbar Al-Balad Headlines, Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sihr Albaiyan:

Bakri congratulates the Foreign Affairs Ministry on the assigning of the Ambassador Tariq Bakhit as Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation
The Parliament hears on the implementation of the sustainable development goals
Governor of West Darfur: I will work in consultation and advice and build relations from the bases to the summit
Network of youth organizations organizes breakfast for children of cancer
Qatar launches Ramadan convoys targeting 5,000 families in Khartoum state *
Export of more than 9 thousand tons of crop from Obied markets for the Arab and international markets

Alsahafa Newspaper:

Death of «10» and injury of «11» of Sudanese migrants in a traffic accident in Libya
Cairo: We are working to build confidence with Sudan and Ethiopia
Agreement between Sudan and Belarus on the abolition of the visa
Governor of Western Kordofan: No compromise in the process of collecting weapons
Sources of North Kordofan: fuel crisis negatively affected exports
The Red Sea: security and provision of services to the citizen are priorities

Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper:

The Minister of Livestock is question on the return of a ship loaded with livestock from Saudi Arabia.
Manawi’s remarks about meetings of Sudan Call Alliance in Paris and leaders of the alliance reveal sharp differences.
10 Sudanese migrants killed in a traffic accident in Libya.
Deaths and injuries because of heavy rainfall and storms in Nyala.
Egyptian expert: the meeting renews the hopes of cooperation between Khartoum, Cairo and Addis on the Dam of the Renaissance.
National Congress Party announces new visions for developing relations with China.

Al-Wifaq Newspaper:

The arrival of (4.5) million gallons of gasoline to complete irrigation of the agricultural season in the Gezira
Agreement to cancel visa with Belarus
Measures to contain water shortages in Khartoum
Saudi Arabia and Russia are considering increasing crude oil production in the third quarter

Alrai Alaam Newspapers:

Salem: An expected decision from Albashir to open dialogue on the constitution
Death and injury of 21 Sudanese in a traffic accident in Libya
Qatar plans to build 10 service compounds for 50,000 people in Darfur
Parliamentary session on the implementation of sustainable development goals

Almegher Alsiyasi:

Parliament drops the membership of Jalal Daqir and Tragi Mustafa because of absence
Ali Haj leads the delegation of the Popular Congress Party to Malaysia today to meet with “Mahathir” and “Anwar Ibrahim”
A committee to investigate into returning of 10,000 sheep to Sudan from Saudi Arabia
Egyptian Foreign Minister: We are working to build confidence with Sudan and Ethiopia


The Presidency sets strict controls for the selection of ambassadors
Swakin sues the Ports Authority
Sudanese forces achieve a big victory in Yemen


Rain destroys 450 houses, displaces hundreds of families, injures two people
Kuwaiti series offensive to the Sudanese raises a wave of anger
Cairo: We are working to build confidence with Sudan and Ethiopia

Al-Ahram Alyoum:

A meeting between Salva Kiir and Mashaar
The arrest of a man in the charge of killing his wife and throwing her body in the Nile and claims her disappearance
An agreement between Sudan and Belarus on the abolition of the visa
Salem: Addressing the economic crisis takes several years

Sudan News Agency (SUNA)

Bob bets on the flow of capital and investment towards the country by reforming the investment environment in its broad sense
Governor of West Darfur announces his interest in economic issues to improve people livelihood
East Darfur confirms preparations for the agricultural season 2018 – 2019
An economist stresses on the importance of reducing government spending to provide additional resources to support productive sectors
Health insurance in South Darfur reveals the introduction of more than one million and seven hundred people in the coverage of population

Sudanese Center for Press Services “Smc”

The Revolutionary Front  fails to include the al-Hilu group in Sudan Call