President: Istanbul summit confirms support for Palestinians against Israeli arrogance

The president of the Republic, Omer Bashir, has pointed out that the meeting of the leaders of the Muslim Nation in an emergency meeting in Istanbul is reaffirming of their support for the people and leadership of Palestine against the Israeli arrogance.
The president has underlined in his address before the summit that the meeting is also to renew of the pledge of solidarity and support of the nation for the Palestinian right in determining their future.
He said the decision of the US to transfer its embassy from Tel Aviv to Quds comes a support for this attitude of provocation for the Muslim nation and for the other faiths and a serious threat to the security and stability in the region beside its being a flagrant violation to international law and to the current political and historical situation in the holy city of Quds.
He said the fact that the world community stands on the pavement watching and failure of international institutional, partially the Security Council, from taking decisive action and implement them have all lead to the Israel stubbornness and its illegal policies and practices against the Palestinian people.
He called on the international community to shoulders its responsibilities and halt the Israeli violations and manslaughter committed against unarmed civilian Palestinians.
The President has urged the United Nations to carry out its responsibilities and form an independent committee of investigation in the crimes committed by the Israelis against the innocent unarmed Palestinian civilians.