President of the Republic issues decree setting free all political detainees

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir on Tuesday issued a Republican Decree setting free all political detainees in the country.
The decision came in response to appeals by political parties and forces of National Dialogue.
The decree stated that the release of political detainees is aimed to boost the spirit of national accord and peace, brought about by the National Dialogue, political and societal, to create the appropriate climate for national work and open the doors for participation of all political forces in deliberation over national issues and requirements of the coming stage as well as over steps for drafting the Country’s permanent constitution.
It pointed out that the President of the Republic referred to these issues in his statement before the National Legislature, early this month.
Meanwhile, the State Minister and Director of President’s Offices, Hatem Hassan Bakheet said the relevant authorities carried out the decision of the President on release of the political detainees, immediately.