Akhbar Al-Balad Headlines, Monday, April 9, 2018

Sihr Albayan:

The Prime Minister of the National Council directs the students of Sudan to the basis of activity during the summer work
Vice President of the Republic presides over the first preparatory meeting of the COMESA summit in Burundi.
Postponement of the founding summit of the Economic Community of the Horn of Africa
Hasabao renews the state’s keenness to achieve security and establish the prestige of the state in the states of Darfur
Dr. Faisal is briefed on the overall political, security and economic situation in the state of the River Nile
Ghandour meets AU Commissioner for Security and Peace and UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations
Ministry of Social Security and Development announces the Social Responsibility Award for 2018
Foreign Minister meets the visiting Austrian delegation
Defense Minister receives invitation from Saudi counterpart to attend joint exercise (Gulf Shield 1)
Governor of Khartoum briefs Qosh on the state programs and plans
Minister of State in Guidance Ministry: advocacy work needs to be developed and evaluated continuously
The Ministry of Tourism and the Arab-African Union for Digital Media agree on the promotion of tourism
Sudan participates in the Summit of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern African States
Minister of Defense meets the Governor of the River Nile
Deputy Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff inaugurates the second phase of the joint Sudanese-Libyan Forces Command
Sudan to participate in Nuclear Security Forum in Saudi Arabia
The Supreme Council for Da’wa in Khartoum State signs a memorandum of understanding with Physicians Across Continents.

Alsahafa Newspaper:

The assistants of the Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan are relieved
Kamal Omar: My quarrel with Ali Haj caused my dismissal
Qosh: A scientific and planning effort in the state of Khartoum
Sudan participates in the forum of nuclear security in Saudi Arabia
Report: 67% poverty rate in ten states of the country
Gama’a: Smuggling has become a security and economic threat to the state of Kassala

Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper:

Sudan, United Nations and African Union approve a smooth withdrawal of UNAMID.
Minister of International Cooperation: 5 million young people in need of work.
Saudi Prosecution begins investigation of defendants in corruption cases

Alrai Alaam Newspaper:

Four leaders of the Central Bank relieved
Sudanese forces participate in Gulf Shield exercises 1 in Saudi Arabia
Kamal Omar: Demanding the application of the Succession System behind the my dismissal
The tripartite mechanism recommends coordination for the withdrawal of UNAMID forces

Alsudani Newspapers:

Fires destroy 600,000 quintals of cotton for export

Alsayha Newspapers:

Machar forces capture dozens of Darfur rebels in Daim Al-Zubair
Atta Al-Manan denies his benefit from the funds of the Football Association
Minister of Information calls for the approval of the permanent constitution before 2020

Almegehr Alsyasi Newspapers:

Two leaders of the National Congress Party survive an assassination attempt in Kadugli
Kamal Omar: Ali al-Haj manages the Popular Congress Party according to Hitler way
The discovery of six thousand archaeological sites in Sudan within the Qatari Project of archeology

Sudan News Agency (SUNA)

Deputy Chief of Staff inaugurates the second phase of the Sudanese-Libyan Joint Forces Command
The delegation of the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Water Resources visits North Kordofan
Minister of International Cooperation stresses the importance of rooting voluntary work
The Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the National Council organizes a workshop on poverty reduction strategy
Minister of State for Investment meets with the delegation of a Turkish-German company
The Nile River completes the Bajarawiya Museum and new projects have been put forward for the Qatari-Sudanese project of archeology
Khartoum state announces the allocation of 185 centers for the distribution of commodities at affordable prices for citizens
Director of the National Security and Intelligence Service is briefed on the programs of the state of Khartoum and its future plans
Minister of Health: Medical supplies have achieved a huge achievement deserves to be honored by the Presidency of the Republic
Minister of Guidance and Endowments participates in Easter celebrations in the Coptic Church
Training Course on Shoe Technology Design at the Sudan University of Science and Technology

Sudanese Center for Press Services (SMC)

The fifth meeting of Sudan’s accession to the WTO is in late April in Geneva
The discovery of (6) thousands of archaeological sites in Sudan within the Qatari Project
Coordination Committee of National Dialogue: No dispute over the convening of the General Assembly
Sudan: Increase in foreign investment and wide turnout in states
Sudanese infantry forces participate in Gulf Shield 1 exercises in Saudi Arabia

Alshrooq Network

Minerals Ministry announces incentives for companies operating in the sector
Completion of arrangements for bus travel between Khartoum and Renk
Sudanese infantry forces participate in Gulf Shield 1 exercises in Saudi Arabia
The army confirms the control and securing the country’s borders with Libya