Parliament Energy Committee briefed on Senger incidents

Minister of Minerals, Hashem Ali Salem briefed, Sunday, he Assembly Energy Committee on the incident which took place in one of the gold mining sites, in Nahr El-Neiel State in which one person killed and several other injured .
The Committee Chairman, Al-Samani Al-Wassila has called for solving the issue and reactivation of media role in mining sites, referring to working out of plans and programs considering the rights of the citizens and the Sudanese miners .
He underlined the necessity for coordination between the center and the states to impose the prestige of the state through the law and the constitution .
“The companies should be committed to the agreements signed between them and the Ministry of Minerals “He stressed .
Meanwhile, the Minister of Minerals reviewed the date of the incidents and the meetings held to solve the problems of the citizens and the traditional miners who staged a sit-in before Merry Gold Mining Company, pointing out the challenges facing the mining sector .
The Committee members stressed the necessity for solving the problems in traditional mining sites .