Al-Bashir: Accomplishments of North Kordofan’s Nafeer are real and tangible

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir said achievements made by North Kordofan’s Nafeer(mobilization ) Program were real and tangible.
The President, who was addressing a mass rally at Bara Locality in North Kordofan State Wednesday , that he touched during his visit to the State the developed projects bein implemented, commending Nafeer Initiative launched by Governor of the State, Ahmed Haroun .
He described the initiative as an innovation of people Kordofan in field of development and services.
The President appreciated response of Bara people to planning , disclosing that planning brings services and stability.
He indicated to patriotic stances of Bara people and their struggle against the colonizers.
Governor of North Kordofan State, Ahmed Haroun, for his part, said inauguration of sectors of the National Exports Highway by President of the Republic represents a new launch for projects of Kordofan’s Nafeer that embraced the State.
He hailed Bara people for their response to planning of the town that contributed to flow and enhancement of services.