President Al-Bashir: gun shall not be used to take over power in Sudan

The President of the Republic, Omar Al-Bashir, was Wednesday briefed about the preparedness of the Armed Forces to defend the national territories and to defeat any enemy of the homeland.
The president, who is currently touring the Blue Nile State, paid a visit to the 4th army Division in Damazin, whom he hailed for sacrificing their lives and souls in defense of the national territories.
The President hailed the Sudanese units currently taking part in the Arab coalition forces for restoration of legitimacy in Yemen.
He said those Sudanese troops have amazed the world and provide an exemplary bravery and combating ability.
He stressed that the army is not fighting to kill Sudanese brothers on the other side but that they do fight to defend the homeland, its territories and borers against those who rebel and who want to undermine the security of its civilians.
He said the government has announced renewal of the ceasefire because peace is a strategy for the government.
He stressed the government is keen to see all the internally displaced persons and refugees returning home and that the Blue Nile area would be developed and that basic services be provided for the people .
But the president stressed such basic services and development could not be carried out in the absence of peace.
He said as peace circle widen, so will development opportunities.