President of the Republic renews Government commitment to achieve peace and development the Country-wide

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir inaugurated Tuesday at onset of his visit to Blue Nile State, a bridge that links Gisan with Bakoari locality.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony, President Al-Bashir called the citizens to stick to peace and to protect it so as to achieve the development. Stressing that rebellion and war have halted progress of development in the country.
He renewed the government commitment to realize peace and development across the Country , particularly in the Blue Nile State , calling the gun-holders anew to resort to reason and renounce war.
For his part, Governor of the Blue Nile State, Hussein Yassin Hamad underlined the State government keenness to achieve peace and development, announcing the State citizens nomination for President Al-Bashir for another presidential term in 2020.
The Governor, meanwhile, stressed the State government concern with the returnees.