Al-Bashir pledges to provide electricity supply for agricultural and horticultural schemes in Blue Nile State

President of the Repubic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir pledged to secure electricity supply to all agricultural and horticultural schemes as well as providing all citizens of Blue Nile State with electricity.
While launching electricity station at Sario district Damazin Locality , Tuesday, President Al-Bashir meeting the people’s demands is a Government duty , because, he explained, the task of the government is to provide security and services for the people.
He called the gun-holders to abandon weapons and come home to build the country , saying no for rifle, no for war.
President Al-Bashir renewed the government keenness and commitment to collect weapons from citizens and confine them to the Armed Forces only.
“There will be no rebellion, displacement and camps once again” said the President, announcing the government readiness to receive the displaced people and provide aall services to them .
The President of the Republic appreciated efforts made by the Armed Force, the Rapid Support Forces and Police to achieve security and peace.