President Al-Bashir inaugurates special Ward in Damazain Teaching Hospital

The President of the Republic, Omar Al-Bashir, on Tuesday inaugurated the Special Ward in Damazin Teaching Hospital which has 18 rooms and five intensive care units.
The director of the hospital, Dr abdul Rahamed Biala Bilaeed, said the hospital and the special ward are ready to receive any case to be admitted. He said although this was a special hospital still the prices are affordable to all population in the state.
The event was part of the current visit by the president of the republic to Blue Nile state which started early morning today. The president has inaugurated a number of establishment and addressed the citizens in Damazin and in Siraio areas.
The president also inaugurated the projects initiated by the Zakat chamber in Damzain area, including the disabled, youth, women and vocational training apprentices.