Newspapers Headlines Published in Khartoum, Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Egypt proposes to exclude Sudan from the Renaissance Dam talks
Chief of Staff: The army is ready to repel any conspiracy against the country
Collecting 6,000 weapons and 2 thousand unlicensed vehicles in Central Darfur
Parliament summons ministers of electricity, health and interior

Akhbar Alyoum:

New Developments in the case of waste disposal of Shandi Oncology Center
The Minister of Health in the State of the River Nile constitutes a committee of inquiry and moves judicial proceedings against the Center
Lawyers form a committee to challenge the outcome of the lawyers’ election
Vice President: The large number of parties needs to be reviewed

Al-Ahram Alyoum:

Minister of Electricity is in front of parliament because of the increase in tariffs
Resumption of the joint committee meetings between Khartoum and Juba
Military official: Work is being done to modernize the equipment of the armed forces
The Council of States calls for the implementation of urgent solutions to stop currency speculation


The arrest of 30 young men and women in disgraceful conditions inside an apartment in Khartoum North
Mahameed tribe: We support the decisions of the state and have nothing to do with the Sahwa Council


Al-Mirghani: We support Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the face of terrorism
Ethiopia rejects an Egyptian request to exclude Sudan from the Renaissance Dam negotiations
Minister of Electricity appears before the parliament because the tariff increase
The governor praises Khartoum’s locality efforts in services


Khartoum receives 2018 with great optimism and without criminal reports
Armed forces: We are ready to repel all conspiracies facing the country


Nile River State sues the Shandi oncology center because of waste
The arrest of disabled men tried to smuggle gold through Khartoum airport
King of Saudi Arabia: We seek to strengthen relations with Sudan in all fields


The authorities in the state of the Gezira cancel the Independence Seminar at the Alumni Club
Foreign Affairs Ministry: The British government proved that Halayeb is a Sudanese land


The IMF advises Sudan to reduce fuel and wheat subsidies

Alyoum Altali:

Boys drowned in the Nile and two survived off Totti

Algowat Almusalaha:

Collecting 6,000 weapons and 2 thousand vehicles in central Darfur

Sudan Vision:

Industry Ministry initiates the implementation of agreements and memorandums of understanding with Turkey
Joint Political-Security Committee meeting in Juba on January 8
Alfadil: Implementation the National Dialogue outcome is a prevailing item in meetings of the economic sector


Ethiopia rejects an Egyptian request to exclude Sudan from the Renaissance Dam negotiations
The government intervenes to cancel the increase in prices of locally produced sugar
Queen of England congratulates Sudan on Independence Day