First Vice-President receives US businessmen delegation

The First Vice-President and the National Prime Minister, General, Bakri Hassan Saleh received, Wednesday, at his office, in the Republican Palace, the visiting US Businessmen delegation headed by the chairwoman of the Executive Council of the US Companies on Africa, Flory Lisa .
The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Atta Al-Manan Bakheit said in press statements that Sudan’s doors are open for the US investors, adding that the visit of the delegation represents an extension to the ongoing Sudan-US dialogue which succeeded in security and political sides and realized remarkable progress in the economic side.
The delegation Chairwoman has affirmed the US companies desire to invest in Sudan, following the revoking of the US sanctions, in oil, mining, agriculture, animal resources, river and sea transport, aviation and infrastructures .
She outlined that the visit was preceded by comprehensive dialogue with the high level US companies’ delegation, indicating that the businessmen will continue the dialogue with Sudan and US governments to lift Sudan’s name from the list of the countries sponsoring terrorism and normalize of Sudan-US relations for the interest of the peoples of the two countries .