Newspapers Headlines Published in Khartoum, Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Higher Education: We refused mediation to end the freezing of non-confirming universities
President of the American Council: The investment climate in Sudan is attractive
A matrix for Sudan to benefit from World Bank institutions

Akhbar Alyoum:

A file for “Akhbar Al Youm” about the assassination of former Yemeni President Saleh by the Houthis
An initiation by the unionist Party led by Mirghani to stop wars and resolve disputes
After a meeting chaired by Albashir: the announcement of 37 lawsuits against currency traders on various charges


irregularity in the elections of (2010) and demands the resignation of the President of the Commission
Internal Affairs uses Interpol to arrest fugitive currency traders
Citizens of Oseif honored the Halayeb Commissioner

Alyoum Altali:

Houthis assassinate Abdullah Saleh near Sanaa
Abu Issa: The National Consensus Coalition and Sudan Call make me sick
Internal Affairs: Arrangements for the repatriation of currency traders through INTERPOL
Albashir heads a meeting to control the exchange rate

Al-Ahram Alyoum:

MPs of the National Dialogue: We are wasting our in time
First Vice President: We are going on reform and ready for elections
Ghandour: We do not want fighting between Sudan and Egypt because of Halayeb

Alrai Alaam:

Puna Malwal: Abyei is a Sudanese territory


The start of trial of a network specialized in forging state documents

Almegher Alsyasy:

The First Vice President calls on the parties who doubt the feasibility of the National Dialogue to resolve their choice
Mubarak al-Mahdi proposes extending the transitional period of the government of reconciliation for (10) years


Round table with creditors and the Paris Club for the forgiveness of debts of Sudan


Buna Mawal: Abyei is a Sudanese
10 foreign ambassadors survive plane disaster in Zalingei
Defense Minister: Our participation in the Arab alliance is a moral obligation


The governor of Khartoum confirms his state readiness to participate in the preparation of the constitution
Albashir heads the third meeting to discuss exchange rate controls


Islamic leaders: We are the basis of governance now and in the future
New presidential guidelines to support exchange rate control
First Vice President: We are ready for elections and are in the process of reform
UN official: Albashir still considers S. Sudanese as citizens