President Al-Bashir Inaugurates Electricity Power Station and Obstetrics Hospital in Madani

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, Thursday inaugurated in the context of his current visit to Gezira State Eastern Medani Electricity Power Distribution Station which was established at the cost of 55 million pounds.
In a statement to SUNA, the Director of Electricity in Gezira State, Engineer Ala-Eddin Ali Al-Awad, said that his administration aims to introduce a number of new stations of high generation capacity for guaranteeing continuous power supply.
President Al-Bashir also inaugurated in Medani the Teaching Women and Obstetrics Hospital in Medani city.
He also inaugurated in Medani city Erkuwit Youth Stadium.
The hospital was established at the cost of 11.902,686 pounds.
The President of the Republic inaugurated in Medani the Gezira Center for Kidney Diseases and Surgery.
In a statement to SUNA, the General Director of the center, Dr. Sami Mahjoub Taha, said that an unprecedented development process is overwhelming the Gezira State.
He indicated that all the patients and people of Gezira State have expressed their satisfaction over the government of hope and challenge which is led by Dr. Mohamed Tahir Aila, adding that this government has realized the aspirations of the Gezira State’s people.
Dr. Taha pointed out that the total cost of establishing the Center for Kidney Diseases and Surgery in Gezira State has amounted to 12.632.108.4 pounds