President Al-Bashir: Difference between Gezira Leaders behind Failure of Distinguished Walis (governors)

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, said that the differences between some leaders in Gezira State have thwarted the efforts of former distinguished Walis (governors) who served in the state.
Addressing a mass rally Thursday at Wadal-Abyad, Um Al-Gurra Locality in Gezira State, President Al-Bashir said that the leaders in Gezira State have been concerned with disputes and neglected the citizens, therefor he intervened and appointed Mohamed Tahir Aila as the Wali (governor) of the state to continue the implementation of development projects.
President Al-Bashir has reiterated his trust in Aila to continue in his position, asserting the state keenness to follow up the implementation of projects in Gezira State.
He gave a directive for providing clean water for Um Al-Gurra Locality and linking the area with roads.
The people of Um Al-Gurra have declared their call for nomination of President Al-Bashir for a new presidential term.
They also affirmed their support to the Wali (governor) of the state, Mohamed Tahir Aila.
Aila has affirmed his government commitment to implement the directives of the Presidency regarding implementation of development projects.