Newspapers Headlines Published in Khartoum, Thursday, November 16, 2017


Albashir: The gains of the state is a red line cannot be exceeded
50 tons of gold production of the country within 6 months
The Security Services freed the Swiss kidnapped in Darfur.
Governor of Khartoum: Arrangements for the importation of 500 buses
Transportation denies state’s intention to privatize the port of Port Sudan
Resignation of Supreme Court Justice in South Sudan

Akhbar Alyoum:

The arrival of the Swiss hostage in Khartoum
US Deputy Secretary of State arrives in the first visit of its kind after lifting sanctions
The President of the Republic addresses the General Conference of the Student Union
The President expresses his satisfaction with the Sudanese-Belarusian relations

Alguwat Almusalaha:

President of the Republic addresses 6 public meetings and inaugurates 80 projects in the Gezira
The defense minister conducts a number of meetings in Dubai and inspects the wounded in Yemen
Sudan and Britain sign memorandum of understanding on military cooperation and exchange of experiences

Al-Ahram Alyoum:

Government: President’s visit to Uganda and Salva Kiir to Khartoum are a breakthrough into the negotiations file
Albashir confirms the government’s keenness to achieve political, economic and security stability


Albashir: The atrocities of the S. Sudan would put its leaders in front of the ICC if not conspiracy
Cash flows for purchasing planes and an agreement with Boeing for maintenance
Albashir inaugurates in the Gezira Saudi charitable projects


Hamidati: No anything called the border guards)


Border guards join the Rapid Support forces
The wave of rejection for the amendments to the Press Law


Albashir: If not the conspiracy  the leaders of S. Sudan would have been in the ICC
Talks with Qatar to build the largest container port and buy two planes for Sudan airways worth $ 60 million

Akhir Lahza:

Khartoum governor: Khartoum’s budget is less than the price of a European player
Bilal: No undeclared amendments to the Press Law
A special committee to control prices


Agreement between the Salafi and Sufis on the birth of the Prophet celebration

Alrai Alaam:

Albashir: Darfur’s students are patriotic and the international observers are stigmatizing opposition behavior
Governor of Khartoum: We overcome the problems of water and health and 500 buses to solve the transport crisis
$ 2.15 billion in the volume of the proceeds of the export within 6 months

Almegher Alsyasy:

Albashir: The country is targeted through an external plan to divide it into states
The Popular Congress Party calls for the formation of the Government of National Accord in the Gezira state


Bashir warns of provoking racial and regional tensions
Minister of Information: Other parties put the amendments to the press law PCP promises to resist
Khartoum Governor: Some seek to remove us from society
Sudan airways prepares to receive three Airbus aircraft