Newspapers Headlines published in Khartoum, Sunday, November 12, 2017


The Rapid Support Force arrests the rebel Savannah
The Central Bank announces the procedures of export and import of strategic goods
Ambassador of Sudan in Cairo: We are committed to the decision of Health Ministry on the kidney transplantation
UN: Government of Juba use food as a weapon in S. Sudan

Akhbar Alyoum:

Rapid Support forces announced the arrest of the commander of the Savannah Group
Two releases from Bank of Sudan on export and import
Professor Hafiz Hameida writes in support of the Umm Dum Group’s decision towards al-Mirghani

Alguwat Almusalaha:

Sudanese Armed forces participate in Dubai Aircraft Industry Exhibition.
The outbreak of conflicts in the offices of the SPLM-N in Western countries.
The arrest of the commander of the Savannah group in North Darfur.
Qatari finance minister arrives in Khartoum today

Al-Ahram Alyoum:

The authorities announced the arrest of the leader of the Savannah group
SPLM-N informs France about its interest in peace
Popular Congress Party  leaves the decision on the Succession System to the parties
The Machar Movement announces its control over a new strategic town


The outbreak of conflicts in the offices of the SPLM-N in Western countries
Hasabo: Sudan will continue to defend the land of the Two Holy Mosques
Foreign women are prevented from selling tea in Khartoum
PCP calls on the parties to decide on the Succession System


Precautionary measures at Khartoum airport after the outbreak of dengue fever in Egypt
Saudi Arabia praises the historical role of “Ali Dinar” in the service of pilgrims
Ishraqa storms the stronghold of Ahmed Bilal and holds a rally in Alobied

Alyoum Altali:

Economists: The government actions will not control the dollar
Central Bank: Importers and exporters are allowed to deal with all payment methods

Sudan Vision:

World Health: Measures taken by Sudan to reduce maternal and child mortality are significant
The outbreak of conflicts in the offices of the SPLM-N in Western countries
A delegation from the government and donors visit the districts of Jouda and Al-ELqaya in the White Nile
Participation of (70) of Abdul Wahid movement in the extraordinary conference of SPLM-N


The President to visit Uganda tomorrow
Vice President: We do not care about ISIL


Governor of the Gezira Project raises irrigation fees and takes refuge in the first vice president
Salva Army  refuses to free Malong and the forces of Machar controls the New Site
1,392 cases of AIDS in Khartoum
Memorandum of Understanding between the Supreme Committee of Sudan and its Turkish counterpart for the relief of Rohingya Muslims


The killing of the last killers of American Granville in Somalia
Albashir and Museveni summit in Kampala tomorrow
Albashir to visit Russia on November 23

Almegher Alsiyasi:

Hasabo: our participation in the war of Yemen to defend our land of the two Holy Mosques
Demands to raise the capital of local banks
Khartoum Cleaning Commission complains of low collection of waste charges to 25%

Alrai Alaam:

The Central Bank issues new regulations on export promotion and rationalization of imports


Albashir to visit Uganda tomorrow and discuss with Museveni peace in the region
The IGAD states to develop a protocol that defines the movement of individuals
Economic talks between Sudan and Qatar today

Akhir Lahza:

Hasbo: Sudan is still participating in the Arab coalition
The Board of Medical Specialties recognizes a shortage of oncologists
Industrial chambers reject any direction to increase electricity tariffs