Newspapers Headlines Published in Khartoum, Sunday, October 15, 2017

Akhbar Alyoum:

New statements by the Governor of the Bank of Sudan in Washington on banking transactions
Interior announces voting in “2020” elections with new identity card and no increase in fees
A leading S. Sudanese leader arrives in Khartoum in anticipation of negotiations


Issuing a new national identity card containing an electronic chip
Gedaref pays LE 400 million for Ethiopians killed in Alfashaga


The Central Bank agrees with financial institutions in Washington to facilitate Sudan’s banking transactions
Khartoum and London discuss illegal immigration and counterterrorism
Al-Jazz: Efforts with China to develop Al-Rahad Agricultural Project


Ibrahim Mahmoud: Albashir has become a symbol of support for the weak people in the world
Mohamed Atta: Sudan’s foreign relations witness a breakthrough
Internal Affairs: Vote for upcoming elections with the identity card

Sudan Vision:

Sudan: SPLM-N’s insistence on not immunizing children is a crime
Director of the Security Service: Improved Sudan’s foreign relation has many positive implications
A cooperation agreement to be signed between employers in Sudan and South Sudan to exchange and flow of goods
Khartoum and London discuss illegal immigration and counterterrorism
(41) million dollars support from the United States for refugees in Sudan

Alrai Alaam:

Ibrahim Mahmoud: New Sudan project died forever
Leaders of Al-Hilu group refuse to claim self-determination
The Interior Ministry inaugurates the new identity card and links it to the elections
Education: Completion of arrangement to provide 22 million textbooks


$ 41 million US support for refugees in Sudan
An agricultural partnership between Khartoum and Beijing


The government pays 400,000 pounds blood money to Ethiopians
Health: $ 26 million went to the mediators
Talks between Khartoum and Juba to increase oil production


A French Report: Dahlan is not far from the activity of Darfur movements in Libya
The Beja Conference: The crisis in eastern Sudan lies in marginalization

Almegher Alsyasy:

Sadiq al-Mahdi: I intend to retire from political work and leave the presidency of the Umma Party
The prices of cement, iron and foodstuffs drop significantly
Interior: Vote for the 2020 elections will be electronically
Minawi calls for lifting all forms of sanctions imposed on Sudan

Akhir Lahza:

18 Security feature for the new identity card


Internal Affairs: The registration of SIMs is not for monitoring money laundering
The Beja conference complains marginalization
Al- Jazz gives irrigation three days to solve the problem of water in Al-Rahad Project