Newspapers Headlines Published in Khartoum, Sunday, October 8, 2017


Washington: We want to remove Sudan from the list of terrorism
A drop in the price of the dollar and gold loses 130 pounds
The legislative Council holds an emergent session today
Bank of Sudan: lifting the US embargo means integration with the world
Government: Understandings with the United States reach a peak

Akhbar Alyoum:

The Washington embassy in Khartoum holds a conference on lifting sanctions
The Presidency of the Republic thanks the Gulf countries to support Sudan in lifting the sanctions


America reveals investments in Sudan
Presidency: Saudi Arabia played a significant role in lifting sanctions

Alguwat Almusalaha:

The Arab League and Parliament welcome the lifting of sanctions on Sudan
MP Beria inspects Darfur states to monitor weapons collection
Officials and leaders: lifting the US sanction is a historic diplomatic achievement
Sisi: Collecting weapons is one of the most important decisions taken by the state

Alyoum Altali:

The army confiscated “15” thousand weapons and “500” land cruiser
Kotsis: Obligations to remove Sudan from the terrorism list
The Presidency of the Republic thanks the Gulf States
Washington allows banking transactions with Khartoum


Presidency of the Republic: Thanks to the Gulf countries
America ruled out a setback in its relationship with Sudan
Egypt prevents journalist Rehab Taha from entering its territory
Burtom: Lifting the sanctions will not be reflected positively on the citizen

Sudan Vision:

Norwegian envoy: lifting sanctions is a new beginning for Sudan
Sudanese banks begin to communicate with banks and external correspondents after lifting the sanction
The United Nations Country Team in Sudan congratulates the Sudan on the lifting of economic sanctions
The UN and government meet in Khartoum to discuss sustainable development in Sudan

Alrai Alaam:

The Presidency of the Republic thanks the Gulf States for their contribution in lifting the sanctions
Ghandour: No deals behind lifting the sanctions
An emergency parliamentary session today to discuss the US decision
US Chargé d’affaires: We will proceed towards full normalization with Khartoum

Almegher Alsiyasy:

Ghandour: a senior US delegation to visit the country next week
US Treasury: (500) billion dollars losses of Sudan due to the sanctions and (30) million frozen balances
US Chargé d’affaires: We look forward to continuing joint positive action with Khartoum


“Kostis”: Khartoum is aware of the need to be removed from the list of terrorism
The General Authority of Customs is planning to take advantage of lifting the sanctions


Ghandour: Visits of senior US officials to the country within weeks
Traders suffer heavy losses to lower dollar prices
Bank of Khartoum opens dollar transfers worldwide
British Ambassador: Very happy to lift sanctions on Sudan


The Presidency thanks the Gulf States
Assistant to the President: We do not count on lifting sanctions in solving our problems
Blackout and disagreements hit the conference of SPLM-N
US Administration: We have deterred terrorists in coordination with the Khartoum government


Taha: I am the first to inform Albashir of the lifting of US sanctions
US oil companies monitor 10 billion dollars for investment in Sudan
Canadian American company signs a contract to establish silos in 6 states
Minister of Finance: The impact will appear gradually in the economy of the country

Akhir Lahza:

After the lifting of sanctions: a significant decline of the dollar and turmoil hit the currency market
The Government thanks the Gulf States for their role in lifting the sanctions
America: We want to lift Sudan from the list of terrorism
Washington: lifting sanctions is a first step towards improving relations