Sudanese Newspapers headlines Published in Khartoum, Saturday, October 7, 2017

Alyoum Altali:

Government: Lifting the sanctions is a new dawn for Sudan
Officially: Washington ends the siege of Khartoum after 20 years
Somali president ends visit to Sudan
Washington: Lifting of the sanctions followed positive measures from Khartoum

Akhbar Alyoum:

America has lifted economic sanctions once and for all
United States: We have lifted the sanctions because Sudan has achieved progress on human rights and the fight against terrorism
The Foreign Affairs Ministry calls for building normal relations with America and lifting the name of Sudan from the list of terrorism
Sudanese study: $ 500 billion of total economic losses during the sanctions period


A historic decision to lift sanctions
King Salman congratulates
Washington lifts sanctions and recognizes improved human rights record in Sudan

Sudan Vision:

US lifts economic sanctions on Sudan
Washington attributes lifting sanctions to improving human rights and fighting against terrorism
Vice President inaugurates 10 mining blocks  in the state of Central Darfur
Sudan hosts 2 million refugees


Washington lifts sanctions on Sudan


Washington calls for the completion of peace and the improvement of freedoms


Ibrahim Mahmoud: The government did not make concessions to lift the sanctions
US State Department: The resolution is effective as of next Thursday

Alrai Alaam:

Finally, America lifts sanctions and Sudan welcomes
The political forces are optimistic and the productive sectors are ready for the new stage
Finance Ministry announces new monetary policies to end speculation in the dollar


Congratulations to Albashir from kings and presidents and joy in the middle of the Sudanese street
A big collapse in dollar prices and important statements for Gandor and Mbeki today
Egyptian delegation visits Khartoum

Almegher Alsyasy:

America lifts sanctions on Sudan
The Blue Nile Bridge between Khartoum and Bahri is closed for one year
A delegation from the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs to visit Sudan next week
Joint mechanism to implement a large-scale inspection campaign for private therapeutic institutions

Akhir Lahza:

Finance Ministry: The next budget will meet the ambitions of citizens
Central Bank announces the readiness of the banking system for the post-lifting of sanctions