Newspaper Headlines Published in Khartoum, Thursday, August 10, 2017


The US Treasury lifts a ban on funds belonging to the Embassy of Sudan in Seoul
Governor of South Kordofan: Peace is coming soon
Minister of Information: (640) part-timers in the Authority

Akhbar Alyoum:

Foreign Affairs Ministry announces the start of measures to reconcile the situation of refugees in the country
Zakat Chamber reduces the damage of corn in Gedarif and Parliament threatens to refer the file to the court
Information Minister: There are problems and 85% of the grant allocated to the TV goes to chapter one


US lifts embargo on Sudan government funds
The Zakat Chamber: the corn damaged in gadaraf does not belong to the poor and needy people
Unionist Party-the Registered  granted a leave until October to hold its general conference

Al-Ahram Alyoum:

Washington lifts the ban on financial assets of the Sudanese Embassy in Seoul
Abu Bakr Abdul Razek: The differences of the Popular Congress Party are rumors
A parliamentary committee denounces the Egyptian violations against Halayeb citizens
A gradual freeze of the import of locally produced medicines

Sudan Vision:

Expected decisions on the road map between Khartoum and Washington in October
UNAMID commends the Sudanese judiciary and its role in conflict resolution
The government: Sweeping amendments to investment laws and free zones


Washington lifts ban on Sudanese funds
Suwar calls on Albashir to visit Halayeb
The Central Bank undertakes to provide the needs of pilgrims from foreign exchange

Akhir Lahza:

Zakat Champer: The poor of Gedaref are 100% satisfied
Sudanese-US military talks in Khartoum
Hasabo: Arms collection in Darfur before the end of the year

Almegher Alsyasy:

Foreign Affairs Minister and Chief of Staff meet with Deputy Commander of US Forces in Africa
The National Umma Party calls for correcting the course of Sudan-Egypt relations following the differences


The National Museum and the House of Caliphs were affected by rain and fears of damage
South Kordofan Governor: We can reach peace with Alhilu
Approval of the roadmap for implementing the outputs of the National Dialogue


The Huthis attack the Sudanese embassy in Sanaa
Washington breaks the ban on money to Sudan and central bank injects foreign currencies
Freeze the import of locally produced medicines


Sudan to participate in the Bright Star with America and Egypt as observer
Exclusion of Sudanese ships from transporting pilgrims for the benefit of Egyptian companies


Sudanese-US military meeting in Khartoum
Parliament demands reduction of administrative mission of the pilgrimage