Foreign Ministry announces members of EASF’s Civil Component

The Foreign Ministry on Wednesday announced the official list of the civil component of the East Africa Standby Force(EASF) from Sudanese experts and advisors who passed the exams set for joining the African Union’s list of experts.
Acting Director of African Affairs at Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Mohamed Yousif said joining of the large number of Sudanese experts with different specializations was an evidence that Sudan is rich with its experts in the different domains and the joining this organization through the civil component for EASF would serve the Sudan and the organization.
He indicated during a meeting held for publicizing the result of the exam at the Foreign Ministry’s Grand Hall in the presence of Secretary of African Secretariat at the Council for International People’s Friendship(CIPF), Omer Atal-Mannan and Official of Civil Component at EASF, Dr Faisal Abdalla Al-Mahgoub, that that rich expertise should be employed for serving Africa and elevate the position of Sudan.
Moreover, Dr Faisal announced names of 54 experts and advisors who passed the last exam which was held at premises of the Joint Staff in areas of media, translation, health, mine clearing , human and child rights, civil aviation , law, civil organization , reintegration and development .
He explained the exam was prepared by experts from African Union and EASF, pointing out that 44 experts have been chosen.
Dr Faisal said AU experts commended the distinguished scientific level of the Sudanese experts and advisors.