Sudanese Newspapers Headlines, Published in Khartoum, Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Akhbar Alyoum:

The trial of the accused with rumors of kidnappings in Khartoum
The central bank allows banks to purchase foreign exchange resources from foreign accounts
The Saudi Cabinet reviews the results of the meeting between King Salman and Albashir
An invitation from Sisi to Bashir to attend the Forum of Africa in Sharm El Sheikh


Presidency: Court of cassation to impose state prestige in Darfur
Police arrest the baby killer of the Red Sea
Burtom demands to hold the governor of the North State and the speaker of the Legislative Council accountable


Presidency: A military plan to collect weapons in Darfur
Haj Majid Sowar calls on Albashir to visit Halayeb if al-Sisi did
Yasser Yusuf: Media becomes an influential part of life

Sudan Vision:

Internal: No granting citizenship to non-Sudanese only through strict controls and regulations
The government confirms its readiness to close the crossings to prevent the entry of arms from neighboring countries
Juba opens new camps for the Darfurian movements and SPLM-N
Jordanian Prime Minister to visit Sudan on Thursday

Akhir Lahza:

The regular forces granted powers and immunities to collect weapons
Finance: 6 billion pounds deficit in the budget
Alhilu restructures SPLM-N and relieves Jagod
Discordant differences between two streams in the Popular Congress Party

Almegher Alsyasy:

Al Sisi invites Albashir to participate in the Africa Forum in Cairo
Governor of Khartoum: The policy of the Minister of Health to transfer the service to the margins succeeded despite the pressure

Alrai Alaam:

Police arrested the killer of the child Albadri in Port Sudan


High foreign exchange resources and gold achieves 750 million dollars


Salva Kiir to step down temporarily and Rebecca as prime minister
Hasbao threatens to collect weapons and unregulated vehicles
Nomination of Ahmed Qassim Hospital to become a world center in Cardiothoracic Surgery