Al-Bashir Announces Return of Nuba Mountains Agricultural Corporation with Modern Technologies

The President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al- Bashir, has asserted the state’s keenness to realize development, stability and peace in the state of South Kordufan, saying that the peace issue is a top priority, and we work for the state to restore its previous position.
During his address to the mass rally, Monday, at Kadugli Stadium, Al- Bashir added that the development will only be achieved by peace that we will work for, praising the state’s people response to the peace and their rejection to war despite the difficult conditions they have undergone, “we stand with you to complete the peace process” he said.
President Al- Bashir has announced the issuance of a decision for the return of the Nuba Mountain Agricultural Corporation with a modern agricultural technologies, pointing to the resume of work of Kadugli textile factory to create job opportunities to the youth.
He renewed the government keenness to complete the state’s ring road, and to continue providing necessary services to the citizens, pointing to the great tolerance and coexistence witnessed among all the state’s components.
He indicated that the coming period will witness the implementation of the outcomes of the national dialogue, the preparation for the election phase, and the preparation of the permanent constitution.
Al- Bashir has praised the great role played by the armed forces and the other regular forces to restore security and stability in the country.